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associateverb [ T ]

uk /əˈsəʊ.si.eɪt/ us /əˈsoʊ.ʃi.eɪt/

C1 to connect someone or something in your mind with someone or something else:

Most people associate this brand with good quality.

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associatenoun [ C ]

uk /əˈsəʊ.ʃi.ət/ us /əˈsoʊ.ʃi.ət/

associate noun [ C ] (FRIEND)

someone who is closely connected to another person as a companion, friend, or business partner:

A close associate of the author denied reports that she had cancer.
a business associate

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associateadjective [ before noun ]

uk /əˈsəʊ.si.ət/ us /əˈsoʊ.ʃi.ət/

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us /əˈsoʊ·ʃiˌeɪt, -si-/

associate verb (SPEND TIME)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to spend time with someone or have some connection with someone or something:

I don’t want you associating with that wild crowd anymore.

associate verb (CONNECT MENTALLY)

[ T ] to think about something as being connected to something else:

He always associated that perfume with Lila.

associatenoun [ C ]

us /əˈsoʊ·ʃi·ət, -si-/

someone who is connected to another person as a business partner or companion:

Claire invited several business associates to dinner.

An associate is also a person who has a position in a job or type of work that is just below the top position:

an associate director/professor

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associatenoun [ C ]

uk /əˈsəʊsiət/ us

WORKPLACE a business partner, or someone that you work with:

He considered the possibility of a buy-out of the company with the help of business associates.
a former/close/senior associate
Associates [ plural ]

written abbreviation Assoc WORKPLACE used in the names of some companies that are run by a group of people:

Brown & Associates Inc. are a Chicago-based investment firm.

a person who does a similar job to someone else but does not have all the responsibilities of the main position, or a member of an organization who does not have all the rights of a full member:

Associates are entitled to use the facilities, but are not entitled to vote.

associateadjective [ before noun ]

uk /əˈsəʊsiət/ us

WORKPLACE used in some job titles where someone does the job described but does not have all the responsibilities of the main position:

used to describe a person, country, company, etc. that is a member of an organization but does not have all the rights given to a normal member:

The firm's application for associate membership of the FSA was approved.
associate member

a member of an organization who does not have all the rights given to normal members:

The board elected 18 foreign associate members who hold no voting rights.

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They can associate into economically stronger units also on a transitional basis, which is significant, as today's crises do not recognise national borders.
I would, however, like to associate myself with all the comments made about the budget and the late interventions on subjects of such importance.
I would like to associate myself explicitly with these findings, but not with the conclusion which has been drawn from them.
Lastly, the authorities are required to associate products that comply with the harmonised standards with a 'presumption of conformity' with the essential conditions.
Then there are others who say that our security depends on our defence and intervention capacities and associate it more with military aspects.
There are those who associate immigration with violence and who claim that immigrants are the cause of all the woes affecting their country.
The role of the state is to protect all citizens, regardless of their conviction, and to allow them to freely associate and express themselves across the world.
We need, in this debate, to associate the 1998 discharge with that of the framework agreement which we will be voting on tomorrow.
I believe we must associate the concept of sustainability far more closely with our objectives in this field in order to heighten awareness.
With the nuclear problem we must associate that of the environment, ravaged by three quarters of a century of a development policy which despised nature to the point of destruction.