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"assure" in British English

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assureverb [ T ]

uk /əˈʃɔːr/ us /əˈʃʊr/

assure verb [ T ] (SAY WITH CERTAINTY)

B2 to tell someone confidently that something is true, especially so that they do not worry:

The unions assured the new owners of the workers' loyalty to the company.
[ + speech ] "Don't worry, your car will be ready tomorrow," the mechanic assured him.
[ + (that) ] She assured him (that) the car would be ready the next day.
The prime minister assured the electorate (that) taxes would not be increased after the election.
You can rest assured (= feel confident) that I shall be there as promised.

More examples

  • The police have assured the public that the escaped prisoners will not evade recapture for long.
  • The Foreign Secretary assured anti-federalist MPs that he would not agree to anything which limited British sovereignty.
  • She assured me that my fears were baseless.
  • "Rest assured, Mrs. Cooper" said the police officer. "We will find your son for you."
  • Breaking your leg isn't funny , I can assure you.

assure verb [ T ] (MAKE CERTAIN)

C1 to cause something to be certain:

The play's popularity has been assured by the critics' rave reviews.

More examples

  • Journalists may enter the danger zone but unfortunately we cannot assure their safety.
  • A last-minute deal assured the company's future.
  • A second goal moments from the end assured us of a place in the final.
  • Excellent exam results meant that she was assured of a place at university.
  • An anonymous donation assured the museum's long-term future.

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"assure" in American English

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assureverb [ T ]

us /əˈʃʊər/

assure verb [ T ] (PROMISE)

to promise or tell something to someone confidently or firmly, or to cause someone to feel certain by removing doubt:

She assured him (that) the check was in the mail.
The governor assured the voters (that) taxes would not be raised.

assure verb [ T ] (MAKE CERTAIN)

to cause something to be certain:

Her future was assured when her performance drew rave reviews from all the critics.

(Definition of “assure” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)