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uk /ˈæt.mə.sfɪər/ us /ˈæt.mə.sfɪr/

atmosphere noun (AIR)

the atmosphere B2 [ S ]

the mixture of gases around the earth:

These factories are releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

[ C ] a mixture of gases that surrounds any planet:

the search for planets with a breathable atmosphere

B2 [ S ] the air that you breathe in a place:

The atmosphere in the room was so stuffy I could hardly breathe.
A few plants in an office will improve the atmosphere.

atmosphere noun (MOOD)

B1 [ S ] the character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation:

There's a very relaxed atmosphere in our office.
There has been an atmosphere of gloom in the factory since it was announced that it would be closing.

[ U ] approving a feeling that a place has of being pleasant and interesting or exciting:

You want a restaurant that serves good food but has a little atmosphere too.
He put on some soft music and turned the lights down in order to give the room a little more atmosphere.

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us /ˈæt·məˌsfɪər/

atmosphere noun (AIR)

earth science [ C usually sing ] the mixture of gases that surrounds some planets, such as the earth; the air

atmosphere noun (MEASUREMENT)

science [ C ] a unit for measuring pressure

atmosphere noun (CHARACTER)

[ U ] the character or mood of a place or situation:

The club provided a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for its members.

literature [ U ] Atmosphere is also the mood or feeling produced by a work of literature.

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