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attemptverb [ T ]

uk /əˈtempt/ us /əˈtempt/

B1 to try to do something, especially something difficult:

[ + to infinitive ] He attempted to escape through a window.
He attempted a joke, but no one laughed.
There's no point in even attempting an explanation - he'll never listen.

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attemptnoun [ C ]

uk /əˈtempt/ us /əˈtempt/

B2 the act of trying to do something, especially something difficult:

[ + to infinitive ] She made a few half-hearted attempts to join in their conversation.
He made no attempt to be sociable.
This is my second attempt at the exam.
None of our attempts at contacting Dr James was successful.
They closed the road in an attempt (= to try to) to reduce traffic in the city.
an attempt on sb's life

an act of trying to kill someone:

This is the third attempt on the President's life.

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us /əˈtempt/

to try to make or do something:

[ T ] The team’s quarterback attempted only 12 passes during the entire game.
[ + to infinitive ] Don’t attempt to do these tricks at home.

attemptnoun [ C ]

us /əˈtemt/

the act of trying to make or do something:

[ + to infinitive ] The pilot made several attempts to regain control of the aircraft.

An attempt on someone’s life is an act of trying to kill that person:

a failed attempt on the president’s life

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The attempt to create greater legal certainty by means of this directive is to be welcomed, but, in this instance, it misses the mark.
The conclusion which we draw from this draft regulation is that it is probably an attempt to cover up the situation.
Consequently, this phenomenon has a broader political significance, which may create tension in this region, and which we will then have to attempt to relieve.
Far from constituting barriers to the implementation of the agreement under consideration, these observations - and we would emphasise this - are an attempt to increase its relevance and durability.
Any attempt to create a centralised, united state can only result in a permanent battle for power between the different sections of the population.
We must attempt to at least give these people some certainty about where these missing persons are, what prisons they are in or where they met their death.
The parliamentary elections and in particular the attempt to increase people’s interest in voting in them are of course massive tasks, which the points may happily be saddled with.
We must do something to reverse this trend, and this report and the motion for a resolution are an attempt to bring about such a change.
The 2006 budget makes no attempt to solve any of the above-mentioned problems, and in fact the opposite is the case.
There is a massive shortage of teachers, and the attempt must be made, with the help of this programme, to compensate for it.