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"available" in British English

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uk /əˈveɪ.lə.bəl/ us /əˈveɪ.lə.bəl/

A2 able to be bought or used:

Is this dress available in a larger size?
Our autumn catalogue is now available from our usual stockists.
There's no money available for an office party this year.
It is vital that food is made available to the famine areas.
Do you have any double rooms available this weekend?

If someone is available, they are not busy and therefore able to do something:

[ + to infinitive ] I'm afraid I'm not available to help with the show on the 19th.
Every available officer will be assigned to the investigation.

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"available" in American English

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us /əˈveɪ·lə·bəl/

able to be obtained, used, or reached:

Her new book is available in bookstores all across America.
noun [ U ] us /əˌveɪ·ləˈbɪl·ɪ·t̬i/

I’ll check on the availability of tickets.

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"available" in Business English

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uk /əˈveɪləbl/ us

if something is available, you are able to buy it, own it, or have it:

Business class is sold out, but there are still a few seats available in first class.
We will let you know about any available jobs at the branch.
Portfolio samples and references are available on request.
make sth available The government made available additional funding for clean energy research.
be/become available for sth The new release will become available for purchase in April of next year.
be/become available to sb Access to this website is only available to registered users.

if someone is available, they have enough time to do something:

I’m sorry, he’s not available right now. Would you like to leave him a message?
available for sth Are you available Thursday morning for a conference call?
available to do sth I'm busy all this week but I'd be available to meet with you next Monday.


(Definition of “available” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)