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awareadjective [ after verb ]

uk /əˈweər/ us /əˈwer/

B2 knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing:

[ + that ] I wasn't even aware that he was ill.
Were you aware of the risks at the time?
She was well (= very) aware that he was married.
"Has Claude paid the phone bill?" "Not as far as I'm aware." (= I don't think so)
I suddenly became aware of (= started to notice) him looking at me.

having special interest in or experience of something and so knowing what is happening in that subject at the present time:

sexually aware

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us /əˈweər/

knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing:

[ + (that) clause ] We were just not aware (that) garbage would be a problem, that we ever would need to recycle.
Are you aware of any reason why you cannot act fairly as a juror in this trial?
noun [ U ] us /əˈweər·nəs/

His tragedy has brought a heightened awareness to the conditions surrounding heatstroke.

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At the same time, this presents an outstanding opportunity to make people aware that they must take responsibility for themselves in these matters.
Everyone is aware of this.
We are all aware of the illiberal acts of these multinationals, which are destroying and corrupting both people and the environment.
In short, today we are quite rightly acting as the plaintiff, but we need to be very aware of the fact that, tomorrow, we will be in the dock ourselves.
To top it all, we are in fact aware that a large number of them are harmful, and yet we still allow them to be used.
We were not aware that there was the least problem with distribution, but if you say so, we will check and we will have the text distributed.
Each research community is best aware of its own needs for investment and development - these should not be too tightly controlled by policy.
However, we are aware of the concerns about the negative aspects, which the proliferation of encryption services for confidentiality purposes may have in the fight against certain forms of crime.
I am aware that this is a very tricky business and that we must prevent any half-baked stories from getting into the papers.
Disasters at sea are often caused by a lack of maintenance and a lack of staff who are both able and aware of their responsibilities.