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uk /ˈɔː.kwəd/ us /ˈɑː.kwɚd/

awkward adjective (DIFFICULT)

B2 difficult to use, do, or deal with:

It's an awkward corner, so take it slowly.
Some of the questions were rather awkward.
It was an awkward ascent, but we reached the top eventually.
[ + to infinitive ] My car's quite awkward to drive.
He's an awkward customer (= a difficult person to deal with).

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awkward adjective (EMBARRASSING)

B2 causing problems, worry, or embarrassment:

an awkward position/situation
There followed an awkward silence while we all tried to think of something to say.
They'd chosen an awkward time to call as I'd just got into the bath.
The police asked some awkward questions about where the money had come from.

C2 embarrassed or nervous:

I always feel awkward when I'm with Chris - he's so difficult to talk to.
He seemed a little awkward when I first met him.

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awkward adjective (NOT HELPFUL)

mainly UK intentionally not helpful:

Just stop being so awkward and help me push the car, will you!
noun [ U ] uk /ˈɔː.kwəd.nəs/ us /ˈɑː.kwɚd.nəs/

In spite of the divorce, there was no awkwardness between them - in fact they seemed very much at ease.

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us /ˈɔk·wərd/

awkward adjective (DIFFICULT)

difficult to use, do, or deal with:

The computer came in a big box that was awkward to carry.

awkward adjective (ANXIOUS)

causing inconvenience, anxiety, or embarrassment:

It was an awkward situation, because the restaurant was too expensive for us but we didn’t want to just get up and walk out.

Someone who feels awkward feels embarrassed or nervous:

We were the first to arrive at the party and felt a little awkward.

awkward adjective (LACKING GRACE)

lacking grace or skill when moving:

He’s too awkward – he’ll never be a good dancer.
noun [ U ] us /ˈɔ·kwərd·nəs/

His awkwardness with girls disappeared once he got to college.

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How awkward and inconvenient democracy is.
The work was demanding, it took a long time, and the issues are quite delicate and awkward, but they nevertheless have to be dealt with and discussed.
Do not put off awkward issues to the last minute and pay more attention to the implementation than to the pledge.
I feel a little awkward doing this, because it is not only my group's request; several other groups support this idea.
Our treatment of the situation is awkward.
Apart from the fact that they would be awkward to set, it might mean that one sector is favoured and it might therefore distort competition.
If all airlines were forced into the same situation it would make it awkward to cater for the needs of different client groups.
The intention of this action is to create instability in the whole area, for the whole vast region, and it is happening at a very awkward time.