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back-endadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˌbækˈend/

relating to the final parts of a process or project, or to money that you pay when you sell a financial product:

"Back-end logistics" refers to product delivery and payment collection.
Back-end charges will apply when you sell your share in the fund.

IT relating to the part of a computer program or system that the user does not see or use:

We devised an automatic processing system with a back-end database.

back endnoun [ C ]

uk us

the part of a business that does not meet or deal directly with customers, such as manufacturing:

We need to change the back end of the business in order to improve our manufacturing and distribution systems.
The problems with e-tailing are not usually to do with their products or marketing, but with the back end of the business.

the final part of a process, project, period of time, etc.:

Prices will come down towards the back end of the year.
Inflation and rising energy costs are eating into the back end of our budget.

IT the part of a computer program or system that deals with data and that the user does not see or control directly:

The website has a robust database at the back end that stores product information.

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