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Meaning of “background” in the English Dictionary

"background" in British English

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uk   us   /ˈbæk.ɡraʊnd/

background noun (PICTURE)

B2 [C] the things that can be ​seen behind the ​main things or ​people in a ​picture: The ​artist himself did not ​paint the backgrounds to his ​pictures - they were done by his ​pupils. He has ​photographed her againstlots of different backgrounds. They were ​filmed against a background ofdarkfirtrees. The book's ​cover has ​whitelettering on a ​blue background. The little ​figure that you can just ​see in the background of the ​photograph is me.
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background noun (SOUND)

B2 [S] sounds that can be ​heard behind other ​sounds that are ​louder: If you ​listencarefully to this ​piece of ​music, you can ​hear a ​flute in the background. We couldn't ​hear what they were saying on the ​tape - there was too much background noise.
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background noun (SITUATION)

B2 [S or U] the ​conditions that ​existed before a ​particulareventhappened, and that ​help to ​explain why it ​happened: These ​decisions have had to be made against a background of high ​unemployment. Can you give me some background on (= ​information about the ​conditions that ​existed before) the ​situation?the background C2 If someone or something is in the background, they are not the ​mainpoint of ​attention: Her ​worries about her ​job have faded into the background since she ​learned about her father's ​illness.

background noun (FAMILY EXPERIENCE)

B1 [C] yourfamily and ​yourexperience of ​education, ​livingconditions, ​money, etc.: The ​school has ​students from many different ​ethnic/​cultural/​religious backgrounds. They come from a ​privileged/​wealthy background. a background inpublishing
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backgroundadjective [before noun]

uk   us   /ˈbæk.ɡraʊnd/
used to refer to something that is done before, and in ​preparation for, something ​else: Students are ​expected to do some background ​reading before the ​coursestarts. The ​bookprovides background information on the ​history of the ​region.
(Definition of background from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"background" in American English

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 us   /ˈbækˌɡrɑʊnd/

background noun (THINGS BEHIND)

[C/U] things that ​appear to be ​farther away or behind what is nearer or in ​front, esp. in a ​picture: [C] He photographed the ​models against different backgrounds. [U] With so much ​noise in the background, I couldn’t ​hear what she was saying. [C] The city’s ​skyline was ​our background. [C/U] A background can also be whatever is ​happening around you but not ​involving you ​directly: Worry was always ​part of the background. art [C/U] In a ​painting or a ​story, the background is the ​people and things that are less ​important and not the ​mainsubject.

background noun (EXPERIENCE)

[C] the things that have made you into the ​person you are, esp. ​family, ​experience, and ​education: The ​school has ​students from many different backgrounds. [C] An event’s background is ​facts or ​history that ​help to ​explain how or why it ​happened: To ​understand the ​war, we need to ​consideritshistorical and ​political background.
(Definition of background from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"background" in Business English

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uk   us   /ˈbækɡraʊnd/
[C] HR the ​type of ​experience, ​training, ​education, etc. that a ​person has: We have ​applicants from many different ​types of background. As well as a ​sound background ineconomics and ​statistics, the ​candidate must ​demonstrate an ​ability to communicate ​effectively. educational/​professional backgroundeconomics/science, etc. background Applicants must have a ​strongengineering background.
[S or U] the set of ​conditions that existed before a particular ​event, or ​information about them which helps to explain the ​event: So Deborah, why don't you give us a little background on the ​situation?
[U] IT a ​computerfeature that ​allowsprocesses to continue without interrupting the ​user: Keep your ​firewall and antivirus ​programsrunning in the background.
(Definition of background from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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