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uk /bɑːθ/ us /bæθ/

A1 [ C ] UK US bathtub a long plastic, metal, or ceramic container that is filled with water so that you can sit or lie in it to wash your whole body

A1 [ C usually singular ] the activity of washing yourself or someone else in a bath:

mainly UK Susannah has a long hot bath every evening.
mainly US I took a bath this morning.
bath oil
run a bath UK US fill the tub

to fill a bath with water for washing:

I'll run you a bath while you take off those wet clothes.

[ C ] US used to refer to a bathroom when describing a home:

a four-bedroom two-bath house
baths [ C, + sing/pl verb ] plural baths

UK old-fashioned →  swimming baths

a public place where people went in the past to have a hot bath

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bathverb [ I or T ]

uk /bɑːθ/ us /bæθ/ UK US bathe

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bathnoun [ C ]

us /bæθ/

the activity of washing yourself or another person or an animal in a large container filled with warm water

When describing homes, a bath can also mean a bathroom:

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uk /bɑːθ/ us
take a bath informal

to lose a lot of money as a result of a bad business deal or investment:

Unless the shares take a bath, they should soon be worth £50K more than when we bought them.

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