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"battle" in English

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battlenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈbæt.əl/ us /ˈbæt̬.əl/

battle noun [ C ] (FIGHT)

B1 a fight between armed forces:

the Battle of the Somme
Her only brother was killed in battle (= while fighting).

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battleverb [ I ]

uk /ˈbæt.əl/ us /ˈbæt̬.əl/

to fight:

Police battled with residents in this inner-city area for three days.
For years the two nations battled over territory.

C2 to try hard to achieve something in a difficult situation:

He had to battle against prejudice to get a job.
Her parents battled for the right to be involved in the decision-making.
We battled with the elements to get the roof fixed.

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"battle" in American English

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battlenoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈbæt̬·əl/

a fight between armed forces, or an argument between two groups:

[ C ] the Battle of Cedar Creek
[ C ] a naval battle
[ C ] The battle between street gangs went on for years.
[ C ] They’re in a battle with their publisher over electronic rights.

A battle can also be a serious effort to change a situation:

[ C ] Doctors Without Borders is a group that wages battles against hunger and disease.

battleverb [ I/T ]

us /ˈbæt̬·əl/

to fight, compete, or argue with another person or group:

[ I ] Congress is battling with the White House over funding.
[ T ] Long Horse died battling the Sioux in 1875.
[ I ] I thought we had the game under control, but they really battled back.

If you battle something, you try hard to change the situation:

[ I ] The group was formed to battle prejudice.

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"battle" in Business English

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uk /ˈbætl/ us

[ C ] a competition or argument between two or more people or organizations for power or control:

battle for/over sth They were locked in a battle for boardroom control.
battle against/with sb If you want to stay in the battle with competitors, you must constantly update your services.
battle between sb and sb the ongoing battle between the government and the unions
a fierce/bitter/long-running battle
a takeover/bidding/bid battle After suffering a drop in profits, the firm found itself in the middle of a takeover battle.
fight/lose/win a battle Has Europe lost the battle with America over online dominance?
be locked in/engaged in a battle (to do sth) The entire aviation industry is locked in a battle to produce the most efficient aircraft and engines.

[ S ] a situation in which you try very hard to solve problems or succeed:

Many smaller firms are losing out in the battle for survival.
face/fight a battle The government faces a battle to regain the confidence of the financial markets.
an uphill battle Workers fought an uphill battle to prove their illnesses were caused by on-the-job toxic exposures.
battle to do sth the battle to develop new technologies

battleverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈbætl/ us

if two or more people or organizations battle, or battle each other, they compete with each other for power or control:

The company will now have to battle its resurgent competitor.
battle for/over sth Unions and management are currently battling over pay and staffing levels.
battle with/against sb/sth He battled with the board for many months before finally resigning.
Budget hotels are battling it out to bring US-style prices to Britain.

to try very hard to solve a problem or to succeed:

battle against sth She had to battle against prejudice to get the job.
Against a background of changing consumer habits, the big music groups are battling falling sales.
The retailer battled through a difficult spring and summer as sales fell by 2.5%.
battle to do sth Hydro Electric staff battled to restore power to up to 20,000 customers.

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