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uk /biːn/ /bɪn/ us /biːn/ /bɪn/

past participle of be

used to mean "visited" or "travelled",:

I've never been to Kenya, but I hope to visit it next year.
"Have you ever been there before?" - "Yes, I've been twice."

used as the past participle of "go" when the action referred to is finished:

She's been to the hairdresser's (= and now she has returned).
Do you need to go to the bathroom, or have you already been?

UK used to mean "arrived":

The postman hasn't been yet.
The doctor's just been (= has arrived and left).

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"been" in American English

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us /bɪn/

past participle of be

Been is also used to mean visited or traveled:

"Have you ever been to Africa?" "No, I’ve never been there, but I’d love to go."

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Although experts have been in agreement on this for quite some time, the message has only recently got through to the political sphere, after considerable time and effort.
All sectors have been affected, with over 200 craftsmen having been caught in the disaster, 260 businesses having suffered serious damage and 1,518 employees having been affected.
I do not know what has been discussed already but let me start by saying that we naturally welcome the social package.
I think it has been very timely.
Protection of privacy has also been a priority, as has child protection: access providers must provide customers with free parental control software.
The amendments came in late through the back door and without there having been any great debate among the citizens over these major changes.
We think that it is a little bit late and that it could have been launched earlier in the term, but at least we have got it now.
Fourthly, a schedule should be set up because, since 2002, when there were similar talks, some actions have been taken without a defined timescale.
I would also point out that the budget lines related to food programmes, free distribution of fruit and vegetables, school milk and promotion measures have been maintained.
I know that employment is covered on all grounds already, but for years we have been promised action and then nothing has happened.