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uk /bentʃ/ us /bentʃ/

B2 [ C ] a long, usually hard seat for two or more people, often found in public places:

a park bench (= a seat in a public garden)

a long table for working on, for example when you are making something:

Most of the work constructing these objects is done at a bench.
a work bench (= a table for working at)
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a long table that you lie on to do exercises (= physical activity), for example in a gym

the bench

a seat or area of seats where players sit during a game when they are not playing:

He was injured, and spent the last few weeks of the season on the bench.

the judge or magistrate in a law court, or the place where he or she sits:

Please address your remarks to the bench, Mr Smith.
serve/sit/be on the bench

to work as a judge or magistrate

take the bench US

to become a judge

If a judge takes the bench, he or she begins a formal meeting of a law court.

the benches

in the UK parliament building, the seats used by the members:

There was jeering from the Labour benches.

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benchverb [ T ]

uk /bentʃ/ us /bentʃ/

US to not allow someone to take part in a sports game or playground activity, as a punishment or because they are injured:

The coach benched his star pitcher for skipping practice.

to benchpress :

He looks like he could bench 400 pounds.

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benchnoun [ C ]

us /bentʃ/

a long seat for two or more people, often of wood and usually used outside:

a park bench

The bench is a court of law, or the place where a judge or judges sit in court:

Face the bench when you are talking, Mr. Smith.

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