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uk /ˈbaɪ.əs/ us /ˈbaɪ.əs/

bias noun (PREFERENCE)

C2 [ C usually singular, U ] the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment:

The senator has accused the media of bias.
Reporters must be impartial and not show political bias.
There was clear evidence of a strong bias against her.
There has always been a slight bias in favour of/towards employing liberal arts graduates in the company.
Unconscious bias (= that the person with the bias is not aware of) can influence decisions in recruitment, promotion, and performance management.

[ C usually singular ] the fact of preferring a particular subject or thing:

She showed a scientific bias at an early age.

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biasverb [ T ]

uk /ˈbaɪ.əs/ us /ˈbaɪ.əs/ -s- or UK also -ss-

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biasnoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈbɑɪ·əs/

an unfair personal opinion that influences your judgment:

[ U ] They vowed to fight racial bias in the school.
[ C usually sing ] Does news coverage reflect a reporter’s bias?
verb [ T ] us /ˈbɑɪ·əs/ -s-, -ss-

The judge withheld the information on the grounds that it would bias the jury.

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uk /ˈbaɪəs/ us

[ C, usually singular or U ] the fact of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment in an unfair way:

In her view, none of the interview panel had shown any bias.
gender/racial bias a federal law prohibiting gender and racial bias in employment
bias against sb/sth The email suggested a clear bias against American products.
bias in favour of sb/sth The company showed a marked bias in favour of employing men.
a clear/definite/strong bias

[ C, usually singular ] the fact of preferring someone or something:

bias towards sb/sth In general, investment trusts have more of a bias towards emerging markets, including the Far East.

[ C or U ] the fact that information is not correct because of the method used in collecting or presenting it:

In the market research there was a bias in the sample of people who were selected to give their opinions.
There is a need to build in safeguards against statistical bias.

[ C or U ] FINANCE the fact of prices, etc. increasing or decreasing:

Interest rates are set to have an upward bias in the next 12 months.

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The bias of the press coverage and the lack of quality information led to a food scare based on insubstantial evidence and falsehood.
We insisted in the additions made to the draft report on the need to make appointments to management boards based only on competence and not on political bias.
Many of these inequalities are reproduced through the imbalances in the labour markets and the bias against women in many segments and in many institutions within the labour market.
The government must step up the anti-inflationist bias of the economic policy instruments available to it, particularly in the fields of the budget and income policy.