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uk /bɔːd/ us /bɔːrd/

board noun (WOOD)

B2 [ C ] a thin, flat piece of cut wood or other hard material, often used for a particular purpose:

Cut the vegetables on a chopping (US cutting) board.
There was a "For Sale" board outside the house.

A2 [ C ] a flat piece of wood or other hard material with a special pattern on it, used for playing games:

a chess board

A1 [ C ] a blackboard or whiteboard :

The teacher wrote her name up on the board.

A2 [ C ] a noticeboard :

I stuck the notice (up) on the board.

[ C ] a diving board :

I dived off the top board today, Dad.
the boards [ plural ]

old-fashioned the stage in a theatre

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board noun (PEOPLE)

C1 [ C usually singular, + sing/pl verb ] the group of people who are responsible for controlling and organizing a company or organization:

Every decision has to be approved by the board (of directors).
She started in the firm after college and now she's on the board/a board member.

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uk /bɔːd/ us /bɔːrd/

board verb (GET ON)

B1 [ I or T ] to get onto or allow people to get onto a boat, train, or aircraft:

At London airport she boarded a plane to Australia.
Will passengers waiting to board please go to the ticket counter?

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board verb (STAY)

[ I ] to pay to sleep and eat meals in someone's house:

During his stay in England he boarded with a family in Bath.

[ I ] to sleep and eat at school during the school term:

When you went to school were you a day student or did you board?

[ T ] UK to arrange for a pet animal to be temporarily taken care of at a place other than its home:

He boards the dog out when he goes on business trips.

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us /bɔrd, boʊrd/

board noun (FLAT PIECE)

[ C ] a thin, flat piece of hard material such as wood or plastic:

The floor boards of the old house squeaked as he walked across them.

[ C ] A board is also a flat piece of hard material that is made to be used for a particular purpose:

an ironing board
a cheese board

[ C ] A board can be a chalkboard.

[ C ] A board can also be a circuit board.

board noun (PEOPLE)

[ C ] the group of people who are responsible for controlling the operation of a public or private organization:

She sits on the board of several large companies.

board noun (MEALS)



us /bɔrd, boʊrd/

board verb (GET ON)

[ I/T ] to get onto or allow people to get onto an aircraft, train, or ship:

[ I ] Flight 701 to Los Angeles is now boarding at gate 14A.

board verb (MEALS)

[ T ] to arrange for an animal to be temporarily taken care of and fed at a place other than its home:

[ T ] We board our dogs at the kennel when we go away.

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uk /bɔːd/ us

[ C or S ] also board of directors MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE the group of people who shareholders choose to manage a company or organization:

The board has decided to reject the offer.
Club manager, Gomez, insists he has the full backing of the board.
be/sit/have a seat on the board He sat on the board of the WPP Group for over ten years.
step down/stand down/resign from the board She will stand down from the board at the forthcoming AGM.
At the age of 27, she is the youngest member to join the board.
an emergency board meeting.
a non-executive board member

[ C ] MANAGEMENT a group of people who are responsible for making rules and decisions on behalf of an organization:

A complaint was filed with the state medical board.
a school governing board

[ C ] also circuit board IT a flat object covered with small metal electrical connections that create one or more circuits, used in computers and other electronic equipment :

a graphics board

[ C ] also noticeboard WORKPLACE a flat object on a wall on which information can be fixed:

There is a list of names on the board outside my office.

[ U ] also board and lodging a room and meals that are provided for someone who is staying away from home, for example in a hotel:

The package includes food and board.
the boards

WORKPLACE examinations given by some business organizations in the US:

The best strategy for passing the boards is to study early and often.
be above board

to be legal and honest:

Pay-offs and all other financial dealings were ruled to have been above board.
across the board

affecting all areas, parts of an organization, people, etc. involved in a particular situation:

The new 18% tax rate will apply across the board.
be/come/get on board

to be or start to be involved in an activity:

Make sure all senior managers are on board and involved in the internet strategy.
bring/get sb on board

to make someone become involved in an activity:

A consultancy firm was brought on board to ensure consistency and compatibility.
on board

TRANSPORT travelling on a plane, ship, or train:

The aircraft had 92 passengers on board.
take sth on board

to accept a new idea, method of working, etc.:

It's important that we take on board the environmental concerns of consumers.

boardverb [ I or T ]

uk /bɔːd/ us

TRANSPORT if passengers board a plane, ship, or train, or if a plane, ship, or train is boarding, passengers get on to it before the start of a journey:

Flight 2864 to Frankfurt is now boarding at Gate 12.

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