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"bond" in British English

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uk /bɒnd/ us /bɑːnd/

bond noun (PROMISE)

[ C ] a written agreement or promise:

They have entered into a solemn bond.

[ C ] US specialized law an amount of money that is paid to formally promise that someone accused of a crime and being kept in prison will appear for trial if released:

The judge ordered that he post a $10,000 bond pending his appeal of the verdict.

bond noun (JOIN)

[ C usually singular ] a place where single parts of something are joined together, especially with glue, or the type of join made:

When the glue has set, the bond formed is watertight.

bond noun (ROPES)

bonds [ plural ] literary

the ropes or chains that hold prisoners and prevent them moving around or escaping:

Loose his bonds and set him free.

bondverb [ I or T ]

uk /bɒnd/ us /bɑːnd/

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"bond" in American English

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bondnoun [ C ]

us /bɑnd/

bond noun [ C ] (CONNECTION)

a close and lasting relationship between people:

The bond between parents and children is usually very strong.

bond noun [ C ] (DOCUMENT)

an official document that states you will be paid a certain amount of money because you have lent money to a government or company:

The county issued $4 million in bonds for road construction.


us /bɑnd/

bond verb (GLUE)

[ I/T ] to stick materials together, usually using glue:

[ I ] The pieces will bond in less than a minute.


[ T ] to develop a close and lasting relationship:

The puppy and his master bonded quickly.

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"bond" in Business English

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uk /bɒnd/ us

[ C ] FINANCE an amount of money that an organization or government borrows and promises to pay back on an agreed date with an agreed amount of interest, or the document that contains this agreement:

a 10-year/20-year, etc. bond The first new bond is a 10-year bond, paying a 6.5% interest rate and repayable on Oct. 25, 2021.
buy/invest in/sell/trade bonds We have kept sufficient money in a building society account so we will not be forced to sell our bonds.
Legislation was introduced to allow indigenous peoples to issue bonds to finance economic-development projects.
Some investors cannot hold bonds that carry a rating worse than A.

[ C ] INSURANCE a type of insurance that protects government organizations, companies, etc. from losing money:

Contractors registered with the state are required to have liability insurance and a bond.

[ C ] US LAW a document in which a person or company agrees to pay a particular amount of money if they do not do something that they promised to do:

To safeguard the environment, mine operators must post a bond to pay for possible cleanups.

(Definition of “bond” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)