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bowverb [ I or T ]

uk /baʊ/ us /baʊ/

to bend your head or body forward, especially as a way of showing someone respect or expressing thanks to people who have watched you perform:

They bowed to the Queen.
We bowed our heads in prayer.
He bowed down (= very low) before (= in front of) the king and begged for mercy.

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bownoun [ C ]

uk /baʊ/ us /baʊ/

bownoun [ C ]

uk /bəʊ/ us /boʊ/

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bowverb [ I/T ]

us /bɑʊ/

bow verb [ I/T ] (BEND)

to bend the head or body forward as a way of showing respect, expressing thanks, or greeting someone:

[ T ] We knelt and bowed our heads in prayer.

bownoun [ C ]

us /bɑʊ/

bow noun [ C ] (BEND)

the act of bending the head or body forward:

The troupe’s artistic director took a bow with his dancers at the final curtain last night.

bow noun [ C ] (SHIP PART)

the front part of a ship

bownoun [ C ]

us /boʊ/

bow noun [ C ] (KNOT)

a knot with two curved parts and two loose ends, which is used as a decoration or to tie shoes

bow noun [ C ] (WEAPON)

a weapon for shooting arrows, often used for sport, made of a long, narrow piece of wood bent into a curve by a string that is stretched tightly between its two ends

bow noun [ C ] (INSTRUMENT)

a long, thin piece of wood with many hairs stretched between its ends, used to play musical instruments that have strings:

a violin bow

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I will gladly bow to superior wisdom.
The incomplete single market in areas such as energy forces us to bow to the conditions dictated by external parties, which has a direct impact on our competitiveness.
We must bow our heads in respect and gratitude to those heroes who are working, at the risk of their own lives, to stabilise the situation in the nuclear reactor.
Everyone has to bow to the dominant language and culture and to the majority view concerning the lack of rights of ethnic minorities in that country.
We really should not bow to the trade lobbyists, but look to guarantee reasonable food prices by better protection of our agriculture, its production potential, and food security.
However, despite our refusal to bow to this philosophy and our attempts to prevent this happening, reality compels us to use force even on peace missions.
We bow down before them.