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uk /bəʊl/ us /boʊl/

bowl noun (DISH)

A2 [ C ] a round container that is open at the top and is deep enough to hold fruit, sugar, etc.:

a bowl of soup/rice/porridge
She eats a bowl (= the contents of a bowl) of cereal every morning.
Sift the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl.
UK Just put the dirty dishes in the washing-up bowl, and I'll do them later.

[ C ] the rounded inside part of something:

The toilet bowl was cracked and stained, and the walls were covered in mould.

[ C ] mainly US a large bowl-shaped building or structure, used for important sports events or musical performances:

the Hollywood Bowl

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bowl noun (GAME)

bowls [ U ] UK

US lawn bowling a game played either outside on smooth grass or inside on an artificial surface, in which the players roll a large black or brown ball as close as possible to a smaller white ball:

Bowls is one of the most popular sports in the UK .

[ C ] a large ball used in the game of bowls

[ C ] (in the US) a special game of American football usually played after the season has finished

bowlverb [ I or T ]

uk /bəʊl/ us /boʊl/

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bowlnoun [ C ]

us /boʊl/

bowl noun [ C ] (DISH)

a round container that is open at the top and is used esp. to hold liquids or other food, or the food it contains:

a salad/soup bowl
She eats a bowl of cereal every morning.

A bowl is also the curved, inside part of something:

a toilet bowl

A bowl is also a large, circular building used esp. for sports, or a special football game played in it after the regular season has ended:

the Rose Bowl

bowlverb [ I/T ]

us /boʊl/

bowl verb [ I/T ] (ROLL)

to roll a ball along a smooth surface during a game, especially in the game of bowling:

[ I ] It’s your turn to bowl.
[ T ] She bowled a strike.

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