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uk /brɑːs/ us /bræs/

brass noun (METAL)

C1 [ U ] a bright yellow metal made from copper and zinc:

The door handles were made of brass.
the brass C2 [ S ]

the group of brass instruments or players in a band or orchestra:

The brass seems to me to be too loud in this recording.

[ C ] a thin piece of brass on the floor or wall in a church, with a picture or writing cut into it:

The church has several beautiful medieval brasses.

More examples

  • It's a musical instrument made of brass, somewhat like a cornet and with a similar compass.
  • There was a brass nameplate outside the door saying Dr A. Aslan.
  • There was a brass plaque outside the surgery listing the various dentists' names and qualifications.
  • He polished the brass till it shone.
  • a brass door knob

brassadjective [ before noun ]

uk /brɑːs/ us /bræs/

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"brass" in American English

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brassnoun [ U ]

us /bræs/

brass noun [ U ] (METAL)

a bright yellow metal made from copper and zinc:

brass lamps
brass door handles

brass noun [ U ] (OFFICERS)

high-ranking officers in an organization, esp. the military:

The Pentagon brass went along with the plan but they were not happy about it.

brassadjective [ not gradable ]

us /bræs/

brass adjective [ not gradable ] (MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS)

(of a musical instrument) made of a metal tube bent into a particular shape and played by blowing:

The trumpet and the trombone are brass instruments.
He plays in the brass section of the orchestra.

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"brass" in Business English

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brassnoun [ U ]

uk /brɑːs/ us

WORKPLACE →  top brass

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