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"breach" in British English

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breachnoun [ C ]

uk /briːtʃ/ us /briːtʃ/

breach noun [ C ] (BROKEN PROMISE/RULE)

an act of breaking a law, promise, agreement, or relationship:

They felt that our discussions with other companies constituted a breach of/in our agreement.
He was sued for breach of contract.
There have been serious security breaches (= breaks in our security system).
(a) breach of the peace specialized
be in breach of sth formal

to be breaking a particular law or rule:

The theatre was in breach of the safety laws for having no fire doors.

breach noun [ C ] (OPENING)

formal a hole that is made in a wall or in another structure being used for protection during an attack:

A cannon ball had made a breach in their castle walls.

breachverb [ T ]

uk /briːtʃ/ us /briːtʃ/ formal

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"breach" in American English

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breachnoun [ C ]

us /britʃ/

breach noun [ C ] (BREAK)

an act of breaking a rule, law, custom, or practice:

In a breach of security, unauthorized people were able to board the plane.

breach noun [ C ] (OPENING)

an opening in a wall or fence or in a line of military defense

verb [ T ] us /britʃ/

The river breached the dams.

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"breach" in Business English

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breachnoun [ C or U ]

uk /briːtʃ/ us LAW

a failure to obey a law or to do what was promised or agreed:

breach of sth Companies face fines of up to €75,000 for each breach of the legislation.
be/constitute a breach To publish in this form would constitute a breach of copyright.
a clear/flagrant/blatant breach His refusal to account for the money was a flagrant breach of all rules of professional conduct.
a serious/fundamental/grave breach
a possible/potential/alleged breach
The property developer was awarded $2,000,000 for breach of contract over the restaurant chain's withdrawal from a lease.
Both the Stock Exchange and the panel cleared the bank of any breach of regulations or insider-trading.
The public are used to breaches of promise by governments.
breach of the peace

the offence of illegal, noisy, or violent behaviour:

He was charged with breach of the peace at a blockade of the naval base last March.
be in breach of sth

to be breaking a particular law or rule:

Checks at Companies House show the firm is nearly 10 months overdue with its accounts in breach of company law.
The vendor will be required to warrant that it is not in breach of any of the contracts of employment.

breachverb [ T ]

uk /briːtʃ/ us formal LAW

to not obey a law or to not do what was promised or agreed:

The corporation was sued for allegedly breaching a contract to supply voice-mail systems.
The organization's conduct during the conflict breached international law, according to a leading human rights group.
Since the group warned it was in danger of breaching its banking covenants last week, the shares have tumbled 47%.

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