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bucknoun [ C ]

uk /bʌk/ us /bʌk/

buck noun [ C ] (MONEY)

US Australian English plural bucks informal a dollar:

Can I borrow a couple of bucks?
He charged me 20 bucks for a new hubcap.

Indian English plural bucks informal a rupee

South African English plural bucks informal a rand

plural bucks informal used in a number of expressions about money, usually expressions referring to a lot of money:

He earns megabucks (= a lot of money) working for an American bank.
So what's the best way to make a fast buck (= earn money easily and quickly)?

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buck noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

plural buck or bucks the male of some animals such as deer and rabbits, or (in South Africa) a male or female antelope


buckverb [ I ]

uk /bʌk/ us /bʌk/

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bucknoun [ C ]

us /bʌk/

buck noun [ C ] (MONEY)

infml a dollar:

It cost me ten bucks.

buck noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

a male deer


us /bʌk/

buck verb (JUMP)

[ I ] (esp. of a horse) to jump into the air with the head down and the back arched:

The horse bucked every time he got in the saddle.

buck verb (OPPOSE)

[ T ] to oppose or refuse to go along with something:

As a designer, she bucked the trend and succeeded with her own original ideas.

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"buck" in Business English

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bucknoun [ C ]

uk /bʌk/ us

US Aus informal MONEY a dollar:

You'll save a few extra bucks if you order it online.
Can I borrow twenty bucks?
big bucks

informal a large amount of money:

Tourism means big bucks for the city.
make a quick/fast buck

often disapproving to earn money quickly and easily, especially by doing something illegal or dishonest:

They're more interested in making a quick buck than helping homeowners find the right loan.
pass the buck

to blame someone or make them responsible for a problem that you do not want to deal with:

Politicians were criticized for passing the buck on health care reform.
the buck stops here

used to say that you will make important decisions and deal with a problem, and not allow other people to be blamed for it:

When it comes to company policy, the buck stops here.

buckverb [ T ]

uk /bʌk/ us
buck the system

to refuse to follow the rules or customs of an organization:

Both employees were later fired for trying to buck the system.
buck the trend

to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing:

After 25 years as a corporate lawyer, he bucked the trend and went non-profit.

FINANCE, ECONOMICS to have good financial results when other companies, organizations, etc. are having bad ones:

EMI managed to buck the trend, closing 80p stronger at 680p.

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