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Meaning of “care” in the English Dictionary

"care" in British English

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uk   /keər/  us   /ker/
  • care noun (PROTECTION)

B2 [U] the ​process of ​protecting someone or something and ​providing what that ​person or thing ​needs: The ​standard of care at ​ourlocalhospital is ​excellent. Mira's going to be very ​weak for a ​longtime after the ​operation, so she'll need a lot of care. Nurseries are ​responsible for the ​children intheir care.
[U] used as a ​combiningform: skincare/​healthcare/​childcare
take care of sb/sth
B1 to ​protect someone or something and ​provide the things that that ​person or thing ​needs: Take good care of that ​girl of yours, Patrick - she's very ​special. Don't ​worry about me, I can take care of myself (= I do not need anyone ​else to ​protect me).
in care (also take/put into care) UK
Children who are in care or who have been taken/put into care are not ​living with ​theirnaturalparents but ​instead with a ​national or ​localgovernmentorganization or another ​family: Both ​children were taken into care when ​theirparentsdied.
care in the community UK
a ​system in which ​people with ​mentalillness or ​reducedmentalability are ​allowed to ​continueliving in ​their own ​homes, with ​treatment and ​help, and are not ​kept in ​hospital

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  • care noun (ATTENTION)

B1 [U] seriousattention, ​especially to the ​details of a ​situation or thing: She ​painted the ​windowframes withgreat care so that no ​paint got onto the ​glass. You need to take a ​bit more care withyourspelling. The ​roads are ​icy, so ​drive with care. Take care on these ​busyroads (= ​drive with ​attention so that you do not have an ​accident). [+ to infinitive] Take care not to (= make ​certain that you do not)spillyourcoffee. [+ that] Take care (= make ​certain) that you don't ​fall. The ​parcel had a ​label on it saying "Handle with care".

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careverb [I]

uk   /keər/  us   /ker/
  • care verb [I] (WORRY)

B1 to ​think that something is ​important and to ​feelinterested in it or ​upset about it: She's never cared very much about her ​appearance. [+ question word] I really don't care whether we go out or not. I don't care how much it ​costs, just ​buy it. "Was Lorna ​happy about the ​arrangements?" "I don't ​know and I don't care." Your ​parents are only doing this because they care about (= ​love) you.
I couldn't care less C1 UK informal (US I could care less)
used to ​emphasizerudely that you are not ​interested in or ​worried about something or someone: "Mike's really ​fed up about it." "I couldn't care less."
for all I care informal
used to say that you are not ​interested in or ​worried about what someone ​else is doing: You can go to the ​match with Paula, for all I care.
as if I care informal
used to say that you are not ​interested in or ​worried about something that has ​happened or that someone has said: He said he didn't ​approve of what I'd done, as if I cared.
who cares? B2 informal
used to ​emphasizerudely that you do not ​think something is ​important: "It ​looks as if we are going to ​lose." "Who cares?".

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  • "I don't care - you ​choose, " he said, with an ​airywave of the ​hand.
  • "I don't care what you ​think", she ​flung (back) at him.
  • You could be the Queen of ​England, for all I care - you're not coming in here without a ​ticket.
  • I don't care about ​fashion, I ​dress how I ​please.
  • I don't care if he ​likes it or not - I'm coming!
(Definition of care from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"care" in American English

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 us   /keər/
  • care noun (HELP)

[U] the ​process of ​providing for the ​needs of someone or something: The ​quality of care at this ​hospital is very good. Trees on ​cityproperty don’t get any care.
  • care noun (ATTENTION)

[U] seriousattention, esp. to the ​details of a ​situation or a ​piece of ​work: She painted the ​windowframes with ​great care.


 us   /ker, kær/
  • care verb (WORRY)

to be ​interested in something, or to be ​anxious or ​upset about something: [I] Don’t you care about what ​happens to the ​children? [I] I really don’t care if we go or not (= It doesn’t ​matter to me). [+ question word] I don’t care how much it ​costs, just ​buy it.
  • care verb (WANT)

[I] fml (used in ​politeoffers and ​suggestions) to ​want something: [+ to infinitive] Would you care to ​join us for ​dinner?
(Definition of care from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"care" in Business English

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carenoun [U]

uk   us   /keər/
attention that is given to something or someone, so that they are looked after, ​protected, or dealt with in the ​right way: There will be some mistakes no matter how much care goes into the first ​draft.take care over sth People are taking more care over where they ​invest their ​money.take care to do sth Take care to prepare for your ​interview by ​listing all the ​personalqualities and ​experience you have which ​suit you for the ​job.
care of
( abbreviation c/o) COMMUNICATIONS used in ​addresses when the ​person you are writing to is ​staying or ​working somewhere that is not the ​place where they usually ​live or ​work: You can ​sendpackages to me care of my ​hotel. Address your ​letters to Write On, c/o BBC, Broadcasting ​House, London.
take care of sth/sb
to ​look after or ​protect something or someone: Take care of your ​home: it's your largest ​asset. People are doing this ​job to put ​food on the ​table and take care of their children.
to ​deal with or be ​responsible for something: He suggested she could ​helprun the ​firm and take care of the ​finances. I'll take care of all the ​travelarrangements.
(Definition of care from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“care” in Business English

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