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ceaseverb [ I/T ]

us /sis/

to stop an action or condition:

[ T ] Clapp had to cease publication because of lack of money.
[ + to infinitive ] It was hard to accept that one day he would simply cease to exist.

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The guidelines stipulate that démarches should be made when there is a threat that the death penalty will be restored or that an official or de facto moratorium will cease.
You should change your policy on biofuels as well as help to ensure that food prices cease to be subject to the uncontrolled market and the pursuit of profit.
In my view this was also absolutely essential because the rule of law does not cease to apply in the fight against international and organised crime.
However, they will have the right to an appropriate payment to enable them to cease their activities for at least 14 weeks and/or request a temporary substitution service.
In the case of family reunification also, we cannot cease in our efforts and set the level of legal protection too low.
What is striking here of course is that all international efforts, such as they were, have achieved nothing of lasting worth; every cease-fire is broken, and hostage-taking continues.
Our disgraceful practice of giving with one hand and taking away - indeed, often taking away more - with the other must cease.
If only our initiative were to cease to be necessary tomorrow and we could all return to our peaceful daily lives.
We have also managed to get some very ambitious objectives of the regulation introduced, so that unintentional emissions too must cease – at least in the longer term.
We request that these cease without delay and that the government and the rebel forces stop exploiting demonstrations which, in reality, are not at all spontaneous.