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centre of gravitynoun [ C usually singular ]

plural centres of gravity UK US center of gravity uk /ˌsen.tər əv ˈɡræv.ɪ.ti/ us /ˌsen.t̬ɚ əv ˈɡræv.ə.t̬i/

Examples from literature

  • A subsidiary cause of tides is found in the revolution of the earth and moon about their common centre of gravity. 
  • In the act of seizing the hare the short-necked dog may lose the centre of gravity and fall. 
  • So long as the centre of gravity was below the level of the water-line, there was no fear of a fresh capsize. 
  • The centre of gravity of their bodies is always below the insertion of their wings to prevent them falling on their backs, but near that point on which the body is, during flight, as it were, suspended. 
  • We know that if two stars are near in reality, and not simply apparently so by being in the same line of sight, they must revolve around a common centre of gravity, or rush to a common ruin. 

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