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Meaning of “channel” in the English Dictionary

"channel" in British English

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channelnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈtʃæn.əl/

channel noun [C] (TELEVISION)

A2 a ​televisionstation: a ​cable/​terrestrial/​satellite channel a ​music/​movie/​news/​shopping/​sports channel the ​news on Channel 4 She switched/​turned to another channel to ​watchfootball.
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channel noun [C] (PASSAGE)

a ​passage for ​water or other ​liquids to ​flow along, or a ​part of a ​river or other ​area of ​water that is ​deep and ​wide enough to ​provide a ​route for ​ships to ​travel along: There are drainage/​irrigation channels all over this ​flatagriculturalland. The ​boats all have to ​pass through this ​narrow channel.the (English) Channel the ​area of ​sea that ​separatesEngland from France: We're going to have a day-trip ​across the Channel. We took the ​car to France ​overnight on a (​cross-)channel ​ferry.
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channel noun [C] (COMMUNICATING)

C2 a way of ​communicating with ​people or getting something done: We must ​open the channels of ​communication between the two ​countries. The ​governmentpursued every diplomatic/​official channel to ​free the ​hostages. Complaints should be made through the proper/​usual channels.

channel noun [C] (MAKING AVAILABLE)

a way of making a ​product, ​information, etc. ​available: The ​insurersellsitsproducts through a ​variety of distribution channels, ​includingbanks.

channel noun [C] (AIRPORT/PORT)

UK a ​route or way out of an ​airport or ​port where ​travellers' ​bags are ​examined: If you have nothing to ​declare, go through the green channel. Goods to ​declare - use the red channel.

channelverb [T]

uk   us   /ˈtʃæn.əl/ (-ll- or US usually -l-)

channel verb [T] (DIRECT)

C2 to ​direct something into a ​particularplace or ​situation: Ditches were ​constructed to channel water away from the ​buildings. If she could only channel all that energy into something ​useful. A lot of money has been channelled intoresearch in that ​particularfield.

channel verb [T] (ACT LIKE)

to ​behave like or ​copy another ​person, so that you ​almostseem to be that other ​person: The ​band were ​dressed in 1960s ​outfits and ​seemed to be channelling the Beatles.
(Definition of channel from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"channel" in American English

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channelnoun [C]

 us   /ˈtʃæn·əl/

channel noun [C] (PASSAGE)

a ​passage for ​water or other ​liquids to ​flow along, or a ​part of a ​river or other ​area of ​water that is ​deep and ​wide enough to ​provide a ​route for ​ships to ​travel along A channel is also a ​narrowpart of the ​sea between a ​continent and an ​island: the ​English Channel

channel noun [C] (TELEVISION STATION)

a ​televisionstation: She ​switched to another channel to ​watch the ​news.

channel noun [C] (DIRECT)

a way of giving, ​directing, or ​communicating something: We’ve ​established a ​regulardistribution channel for these ​products.

channelverb [T]

 us   /ˈtʃæn·əl/

channel verb [T] (DIRECT)

to ​direct something into a ​particularplace or ​situation: A lot of ​money has been channeled into ​cancerresearch.
(Definition of channel from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"channel" in Business English

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channelnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈtʃænəl/
COMMERCE, MARKETING a way in which ​products or ​services are made ​available to ​customers: The ​insurersells its ​products through a ​variety of channels, ​includingbanks, ​wholesalers, and its own ​salesforce. multi-channel ​retailing
COMMUNICATIONS a ​television station: TV/cable channel Watch your favorite TV channels ​online for ​free!
COMMUNICATIONS, IT a ​system used for ​passinginformation or ​electronicsignals, or a way of communicating with ​people: media channels such as ​newspapers, ​digitaltelevision, and the ​internet

channelverb [T + adverb or preposition]

uk   us   /ˈtʃænəl/ ( UK -ll-, US usually -l-)
to use ​money, ​effort, etc. in a particular way: channel sth (back) into sth 10% of the company's ​profits will be channeled back into ​ sth away from/towards sth HR has channeled all its ​efforts towards ​recruiting new ​personnel.
to ​sendmoney, etc. using a particular ​route: channel sth through sth The ​funds will be channelled through the UN and the World Bank.
(Definition of channel from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“channel” in Business English

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