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chaperonenoun [ C ]

also chaperon uk /ˈʃæp.ə.rəʊn/ us /ˈʃæp.ɚ.oʊn/

(especially in the past) an older person, especially a woman, who stays with and takes care of a younger woman who is not married when she is in public:

humorous She asked me to go to the cinema with her and Andrew, I think as a sort of chaperone.

a female nurse who is in the same room when a female patient is examined by a male doctor, or a police officer who protects a person injured by a criminal when they are in public

US an older person who is present at a social event for young people to encourage correct behaviour:

Several parents acted as chaperones for the school dance.

an adult who takes care of child actors when they are working:

Her mother and sister acted as chaperones during filming.

chaperoneverb [ T ]

also chaperon uk /ˈʃæp.ə.rəʊn/ us /ˈʃæp.ɚ.oʊn/

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