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check out (something)

phrasal verb with check us /tʃek/ verb


to take the items you have bought, esp. in a large food store, to an area where you pay for them:

I had already checked out when I remembered that we were out of milk.

check out something

phrasal verb with check us /tʃek/ verb


to examine something or visit a place in order to learn about it:

Don't forget you can check us out anytime online.
You have to check out the nursing home before putting your mother in it.

check out (something)

phrasal verb with check us /tʃek/ verb


(of information) to seem to be true because it agrees with other information, or to discover whether information agrees with other information and is therefore likely to be true:

Her statement checks out with most of the eyewitness reports.
The commissioner sent an investigator to check out the rumors.

check out something

phrasal verb with check us /tʃek/ verb


to borrow a book or something else from a library (= a place with a collection of books, music, etc.):

We don't think the government should be able to see what citizens check out from public libraries.

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