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Meaning of “chop” in the English Dictionary

"chop" in British English

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chopverb [T]

uk   /tʃɒp/  us   /tʃɑːp/ (-pp-)
B2 to ​cut something into ​pieces with an axe, ​knife, or other ​sharpinstrument: He was chopping ​wood in the ​yard. Add some ​freshparsley, ​finely chopped. Chop (up) the ​onions and ​carrotsroughly.informal Laura had her ​hair chopped (= ​cut)yesterday. If something is chopped in ​business, it is ​stopped or ​reduced: Because of ​lack of ​funding many ​long-termresearchprojects are being chopped.
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chopnoun [C]

uk   /tʃɒp/  us   /tʃɑːp/

chop noun [C] (MEAT)

a ​smallpiece of ​meat with a ​bone still in it: a ​lamb/​pork chop

chop noun [C] (CUT)

an ​act of ​cutting something with an axe, ​knife, or other ​sharpinstrumentthe chop mainly UK (US usually the axe) the ​situation in which ​yourjob is taken away from you, either because you have done something ​wrong or as a way of ​savingmoney: If you're late for ​work again, you'll be for the chop. Anyone ​stepping out of ​line is ​liable to get the chop. Hundreds of ​workers at the ​factory have already been given the chop. the ​ending of a ​factory, ​school, etc. or ​plan: When the ​reorganizationoccurs, the ​smallerdepartments will be the first for the chop. Many of these ​specialschools are facing the chop.

chop noun [C] (MOUTH)

chops [plural] informal the ​area of the ​facesurrounding the ​mouth of a ​person or an ​animal: a ​dog lickingits chops I'll give him a ​smack in the chops if he doesn't ​shut up. mainly US slang the way you ​holdyourmouth when ​playing a ​windinstrument such as a saxophone , or more ​generally, ​yourability to ​play a ​musicalinstrument: She's got ​great chops for a 14-year-old.

chop noun [C] (ABILITY)

chops [plural] mainly US informal the ​ability or ​courage to do something : She just doesn't have the chops for this ​demandingrole.
(Definition of chop from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"chop" in American English

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chopverb [T]

 us   /tʃɑp/ (-pp-)

chop verb [T] (CUT)

to ​cut something into ​pieces with a ​sharptool, such as an ax : Cal went out to chop some ​wood for the ​fireplace. To chop something off is to ​separate it from what it was ​part of by ​cutting: Chop the ​ends off the ​carrots. If you chop up something, you ​cut it into ​smallpieces: She chopped up some ​celery for the ​salad.

chopnoun [C]

 us   /tʃɑp/

chop noun [C] (MEAT)

a ​smallpiece of ​meat with a ​bone still in it: a ​lamb/​pork/​veal chop
(Definition of chop from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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