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uk /ˈsɜː.kɪt/ us /ˈsɝː.kɪt/

circuit noun (VISITS)

C2 [ C ] a regular pattern of visits or the places visited:

They first met each other on the tennis circuit (= while at different tennis competitions).
He was a familiar figure on the lecture circuit.

[ C ] specialized law a particular area containing different courts that a judge visits:

The judge had served for many years on the northeastern Circuit.
a circuit judge

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circuitnoun [ C ]

us /ˈsɜr·kət/

circuit noun [ C ] (CLOSED SYSTEM)

physics a closed system esp. of wires through which electricity can flow:

Big electronic circuits can carry huge amounts of data.

A circuit is also a system that allows people to communicate with each other:

Holiday phone calls always overload the circuits.

circuit noun [ C ] (CIRCLE)

something shaped like a circle, esp. a route, path, or sports track that starts and ends in the same place:

She has ridden on tough racing circuits such as the New York and Florida tracks.

A circuit can be a path or route in the shape of a circle:

Fish swam continuously, making the endless circuit of the tank.

circuit noun [ C ] (SERIES)

a regular series of events that happen in different places:

She has won a number of tournaments on this year’s tennis circuit.

circuit noun [ C ] (LEGAL AREA)

an area under the authority of a particular court

noun [ U ] us /ˈsɜr·kə·tri/

the connected arrangement of the wires and other parts of a closed system through which electricity can flow:

The circuitry in this computer is protected from power surges.

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circuitnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsɜːkɪt/ us

IT a path for an electric current to flow through:

The most advanced chip technology, which uses circuits 65 nanometers apart, loses almost half of its power to leakage.

a series of events or places that are regularly visited by a particular group of people:

a lecture/conference/speaking circuit For the past two years he has been on the international lecture circuit, often speaking on business ethics.

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