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uk /ˈklɪə.rəns/ us /ˈklɪr.əns/

clearance noun (CHEAP SALE)

[ U ] an occasion when goods are offered for sale cheaply so that people will be encouraged to buy them and there will be space for new goods:

We bought our new carpet at a clearance sale.
US I buy Christmas decorations when they go on clearance in January

clearance noun (NOT TOUCHING)

[ C or U ] the distance or space that is needed for one thing to avoid touching another thing:

It was difficult getting the piano through the doorway because we only had a clearance of a few centimetres.
High vehicles should take an alternative route because of low clearance under the bridge.

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clearancenoun [ U ]

us /ˈklɪər·əns/

clearance noun [ U ] (GETTING RID OF)

If goods are reduced for clearance, they are offered for sale at a lower than usual price so that people will buy them and there will be space for new goods:

a clearance sale

clearance noun [ U ] (GIVING PERMISSION)

official permission for something:

The pilot announced we had received clearance for take off.

clearance noun [ U ] (NOT TOUCH)

the amount of space available for an object to pass through an opening without touching anything, or for two objects to pass each other without touching:

The sign on the overpass says that its clearance is 12 feet, and our truck is 10 feet high, so we should have 2 feet of clearance when we go under it.

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"clearance" in Business English

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uk /ˈklɪərəns/ us

[ U ] BANKING the process by which cheques and other payments are exchanged between customers of different banks:

Foreign-drawn cheques may incur additional bank charges for clearance and currency conversion.

[ U ] COMMERCE official permission to come into or leave a place or country:

Two more inspections by the Swiss customs clearance agency declared the cargo clean.
customs/entry clearance His application was refused by the entry clearance officer.

[ C or U ] official permission to do something or have particular information:

security/regulatory clearance Nuclear plant workers and contractors must have a security clearance.
get/be given/obtain clearance The flight was given clearance for takeoff at 5:55 pm.
need/require clearance The deal will need clearance from state insurance departments where the companies do business.
clearance for sth The chief executive said he hoped to receive regulatory clearance for the deal by next March.

[ C or U ] COMMERCE →  clearance sale

on clearance

available at a lower price than usual:

All laptops and printers are now on clearance.

(Definition of “clearance” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)