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"clip" in British English

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uk /klɪp/ us /klɪp/


uk /klɪp/ us /klɪp/ -pp-

clip verb (CUT)

[ T ] to cut something with scissors or a similar sharp tool, especially to make it tidier:

I'm going to clip the hedge this weekend.
UK The guard came to clip my train ticket (= make a hole in it to show that it had been used).
I'm always clipping recipes out of magazines.

[ T ] to reduce something by the stated amount:

Christie has clipped a tenth of a second off the record.


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"clip" in American English

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us /klɪp/

clip noun (FASTENER)

[ C ] a usually metal or plastic object used for fastening things together or holding them in position:

Her long hair was held back with a hair clip.

clip noun (SPEED)

[ U ] infml a rate of speed:

I drove home at a good clip.

clip noun (GUN PART)

[ C ] a container holding bullets and that is put into a gun

clip noun (CUT)

[ C ] a small piece of something

[ C ] A clip is a short part of a film or video shown alone:

a news clip


us /klɪp/ -pp-

clip verb (CUT)

[ T ] to cut a piece from something larger or whole:

She clipped the coupons out of the newspaper.
He had his beard clipped.

clip verb (FASTEN)

[ always + adv/prep ] to fasten with a clip:

[ T ] He had a beeper clipped to his belt.

(Definition of “clip” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)