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clutchverb [ I or T ]

uk /klʌtʃ/ us /klʌtʃ/


uk /klʌtʃ/ us /klʌtʃ/

clutch noun (MACHINE PART)

[ C usually singular ] a device that allows turning movement to be sent from one part of a machine to another:

I've booked the car into the garage because the clutch is slipping.

C1 [ C usually singular ] the pedal or handle in a vehicle that is used to operate the engine's clutch:

Push the clutch in, put the car into gear, rev the engine, and then gently let the clutch out.

clutch noun (GROUP)

[ C ] a small group of eggs produced by the same bird, especially in a nest

[ S ] a small group of people or things:

a fresh clutch of students

clutchadjective [ only before noun ]

/klʌtʃ/ /klʌtʃ/ /klʌtʃ/ US

(Definition of “clutch” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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clutchverb [ I/T ]

us /klʌtʃ/

clutch verb [ I/T ] (HOLD)

to hold or try to hold something tightly, often because of a state of fear or anxiety:

[ T ] The preschooler clutched his mother tightly.

clutch noun (VEHICLE PART)

us /klʌtʃ/ [ C usually sing ] a device in a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot in order to change gears (= set of wheels that control power)

clutch noun (GROUP)

/klʌtʃ/ [ C ] a group of eggs or young animals hatched from eggs:

several clutches of the infant sea turtles

/klʌtʃ/ [ C ] A clutch is also a group of people, animals, or things:

The herders tend to small clutches of cattle and llamas.

clutch noun (BAG)

/klʌtʃ/ [ C ] a small bag with no handle or strap, used esp. by women for carrying small personal items


us /klʌtʃ/

clutch adjective (PERFORMING WELL)

able to do something when it is especially needed:

Moose, always reliable under pressure, was a tremendous clutch hitter.

(Definition of “clutch” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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