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Meaning of “collect” in the English Dictionary

"collect" in British English

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uk   us   /kəˈlekt/

collect verb (AS A HOBBY)

A2 [T] to get and ​keep things of one ​type such as ​stamps or ​coins as a ​hobby: She collects ​dolls. So when did you ​start collecting ​antiqueglass?

collect verb (GET)

A2 [T] mainly UK to go to a ​place and ​bring someone or something away from it: Your ​shoes will be ​repaired and ​ready for you to collect on ​Thursday. I'll collect you from the ​station.
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collect verb (BRING TOGETHER)

B1 [T] to ​bring something together from different ​places or over a ​period of ​time: After the ​party I collected (up)bottles from ​variousparts of the ​house. These ​chinaornaments just collect dust.
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collect verb (GET MONEY)

B2 [T or I] to ​askpeople to give you ​money for something, for ​example a ​charity: We're collecting (​money) for the ​homeless. [T] to take ​money such as ​taxes, ​rents, etc.: The ​state collected about $1.2 million in ​taxes in ​January.

collect verb (COME TOGETHER)

[I] to come together from different ​places or over a ​period of ​time: A ​largecrowd of ​reporters collected ​outside the ​prime minister's ​house. Rainwater collects in the ​barrel in the ​garden.

collect verb (CONTROL)

collect yourself/your thoughts C2 formal to get ​control of ​yourfeelings and ​thoughts, ​especially after ​shock, ​surprise, or ​laughter: I was so ​stunned by what he'd said I had to collect myself before I could ​reply.

collectnoun [C]

uk   us   /kəˈlekt/
a ​shortprayer that is said during some ​Christianreligiousceremonies

collectadjective, adverb

uk   us   /kəˈlekt/ US
When you ​call collect or make a collect ​phonecall, the ​person you ​callpays for the ​call: I'd like to make a collect call. She called me collect.
(Definition of collect from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"collect" in American English

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collectverb [I/T]

 us   /kəˈlekt/

collect verb [I/T] (GATHER)

to come or ​bring together from a ​variety of ​places or over a ​period of ​time: [I] A ​crowd of ​peoplesoon collected at the ​scene of the ​accident. [T] Information about ​employment is collected from every ​state. People sometimes collect one ​particulartype of ​object as a ​hobby: [T] I’ve got three ​kids who collect ​footballcards.

collect verb [I/T] (RECEIVE)

to ​receivemoney that you are ​owed or have ​earned: [T] You can ​begin to collect ​benefits under ​SocialSecurity at ​age 62.

collectadjective, adverb [not gradable]

 us   /kəˈlekt/

collect adjective, adverb [not gradable] (BY TELEPHONE)

(of a ​telephonecall or the ​act of ​calling) done in a way that will be ​paid by the ​personreceiving it: a collect ​call You can ​call me collect.
(Definition of collect from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"collect" in Business English

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uk   us   /kəˈlekt/
[T] to ​buy and ​keep a particular ​type of thing as a ​hobby or an ​investment: She mostly collects American art.
[T] to ​bringinformation together from different ​places: collect information/data/evidence Market ​researchcompanies collect ​data on ​consumers' ​preferences.
[T] FINANCE to ​ask for and get ​money that is ​owed: collect debts/fees/payments/taxes Collecting ​taxes on ​services is tricky, and ​e-commerce can only make it ​harder.collect revenue/rent Why not ​buy a ​property and collect the ​rent yourself?
[I or T] FINANCE to receive a ​payment that you have a ​right to have: collect insurance/a pension/social security Employees with more than 20 ​yearsservice can collect a ​fullpension.collect on insurance/an investment When he died, she collected on his ​lifeinsurance.
[T] BANKING to ​arrange for the ​amount written on a cheque to be ​paid out of a ​bankaccount: When a ​bankclerk indorses a ​check, the ​bank collecting the ​checkguarantees that the indorsement is genuine.

collectadjective, adverb

uk   us   /kəˈlekt/ US
COMMUNICATIONS if someone ​phones collect or makes a collect ​phonecall, the ​person they ​phonepays for the ​call: Computer-based ​phonedialingequipment makes it possible to place a collect ​call without using an ​operator.
(Definition of collect from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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