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uk /kəˈlek.ʃən/ us /kəˈlek.ʃən/

collection noun (THINGS TOGETHER)

B1 [ C ] a group of objects of one type that have been collected by one person or in one place:

a private art collection
a valuable stamp collection

[ C ] an amount of money collected from several people, or the act of collecting money:

We're having a collection for Tom's retirement present.

B1 [ C ] a lot of things or people:

There's quite a collection of toothbrushes in the bathroom.

[ C ] a range of new clothes produced by one clothes designer:

Kenzo's summer/winter collection

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collectionnoun [ C ]

us /kəˈlek·ʃən/

money that people give for a special purpose, a person in need, or an organization:

We’re taking (up) a collection for his retirement gift (= getting money from people who want to give it).

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uk /kəˈlekʃən/ us

[ C or U ] the act or job of taking something away from a place:

We will inform you when your goods are ready for collection.
refuse/waste collection Which public authority is responsible for waste collection?

[ C or U ] FINANCE the activity of collecting money that is owed, or the money collected:

debt/rent/tax collection Last week, the state reported that tax collections are up 11.5% for this fiscal year.
I get involved with finance and rent collection.

[ C or U ] BANKING the act of arranging for the amount written on a cheque to be paid out of a bank account:

The Federal Reserve Banks provide check collection services to depository institutions.

[ U ] the process of bringing information together from different places:

We make software and bar-code products for data collection.

[ C ] a group of objects that someone has collected as a hobby or investment:

an antiques/book/coin, etc. collection

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