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Cdn Br colour us /ˈkʌl·ər/

color noun (APPEARANCE)

[ C/U ] the appearance that something has as a result of reflecting light:

[ C ] The dress comes in blue, green, red, and other colors.
[ U ] Some of the pictures in the book are in color, and some are in black and white.

art [ C/U ] A color is also a substance, such as a paint or dye, which you add to something to make it have the appearance of a particular color.

color noun (SKIN)

[ U ] the natural color of a person’s skin, esp. when considered in terms of race

people of color

Many people with dark skin describe themselves as people of color:

We need to protect the rights of people of color.

[ U ] Color can mean a healthy appearance of the skin:

She’d been ill for a while, but when I saw her last Friday, she had good color.

colorverb [ I/T ]

Cdn Br colour us /ˈkʌl·ər/

color verb [ I/T ] (CHANGE APPEARANCE)

to change the color of something by using paint or a dye:

[ I always + adv/prep ] He gives the boy books to read, and he buys him paints to color with.

fig. If something or someone colors your thoughts or opinions, it influences them, often in a negative way:

[ T ] The report is colored by the fiscal crises of the last four years.

coloradjective [ not gradable ]

Cdn Br colour us /ˈkʌl·ər/

color adjective [ not gradable ] (OF APPEARANCE)

showing things in all their colors, not just black and white:

color photos
a color TV

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