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"comment" in British English

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commentnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈkɒm.ent/ us /ˈkɑː.ment/

B1 something that you say or write that expresses your opinion:

I don't want any comments on/about my new haircut, thank you!
He made negative comments to the press.
I suppose his criticism was fair comment (= a reasonable opinion).
She was asked about the pay increase but made no comment (= did not give an opinion).
no comment

C2 used to say that you do not want to answer someone's question

More examples

  • It was just a casual comment, I didn't mean it to be taken so seriously.
  • The tutor's comments on my work were very apt and to the point.
  • Her ridiculous comments provoked an outburst of anger from the boss.
  • He made some derogatory comment about her appearance.
  • The Minister was unavailable for comment last night.

commentverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈkɒm.ent/ us /ˈkɑː.ment/

B2 to make a comment:

My mum always comments on what I'm wearing.
[ + that ] He commented that the two essays were rather similar.
The official refused to/declined to comment on the matter.

More examples

  • The minister has refused to comment on the allegations.
  • I'd just like to comment on what your previous caller was saying.
  • Britain's ambassador in Moscow has refused to comment.
  • I only commented that she looked tired - I didn't mean to be rude.
  • Let's watch the film first, and everyone will have an opportunity to comment at the end.

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"comment" in American English

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commentverb [ I ]

us /ˈkɑm·ent/

to express an opinion:

The lawyer won’t comment publicly on the case.

commentnoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈkɑm·ent/

an opinion or remark:

[ C ] One of his comments had to do with the state taxes.
[ U ] The reporter couldn’t reach any government officials for comment (= to ask for their opinions).

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