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"commercial" in British English

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uk /kəˈmɜː.ʃəl/ us /kəˈmɝː.ʃəl/

B2 related to buying and selling things:

commercial law
The commercial future of the company looks very promising.

disapproving used to describe a record, film, book, etc. that has been produced with the aim of making money and as a result has little artistic value

[ before noun ] A commercial product can be bought by or is intended to be bought by the general public.

C2 [ before noun ] used to refer to radio or television paid for by advertisements that are broadcast between and during programmes

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adverb uk /kəˈmɜː.ʃəl.i/ us /kəˈmɝː.ʃəl.i/

Does the market research show that the product will succeed commercially (= make a profit)?
The drug won't be commercially available (= able to be bought) until it has been thoroughly tested.

commercialnoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈmɜː.ʃəl/ us /kəˈmɝː.ʃəl/

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"commercial" in American English

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commercialnoun [ C ]

us /kəˈmɜr·ʃəl/

a paid advertisement on radio or television:

We all ran to get something to eat during the commercials.


us /kəˈmɜr·ʃəl/

intended to make money, or relating to a business intended to make money:

The movie was a commercial success (= it made money), but the critics hated it.
adverb us /kəˈmɜr·ʃə·li/

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"commercial" in Business English

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uk /kəˈmɜːʃəl/ us COMMERCE

relating to businesses and their activities:

Planning issues continue to stall the company's proposed commercial development.
commercial sales/services/transactions etc.

used to describe a product or service that can be bought by the public:

The airport handles 663 commercial flights a day.

[ before noun ] for making a profit or relating to making a profit:

The business was never intended to be a commercial enterprise.
commercial success/value Some traditional producers are finally enjoying commercial success.

[ before noun ] used to describe radio or television that is paid for by the advertisements it broadcasts:

The commission, which licenses and regulates commercial TV, ordered the ad off air.

disapproving used to describe a product, especially a record, film, or book, which is made to make a profit rather than be of a high artistic quality:

Their music is a little too commercial for me.

commercialnoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈmɜːʃəl/ us

MARKETING an advertisement that is broadcast on television or radio:

American manufacturers have produced a series of TV commercials highlighting manufacturing successes.

STOCK MARKET shares in a company that sells goods to consumers:

Commercials ended the year down 3.5%.

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