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uk /kəˈmɪt/ us /kəˈmɪt/ -tt-

commit verb (CRIME)

B2 [ T ] to do something illegal or something that is considered wrong:

He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit.
to commit adultery/murder
to commit an offence

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commit verb (PROMISE)

C2 [ I or T ] to promise or give your loyalty, time, or money to a particular principle, person, or plan of action:

Like so many men, he has problems committing himself to a relationship.
The government must commit itself to improving healthcare.
Once we have committed to this course of action there is no going back.
commit yourself

to express an opinion or to make a decision that you tell people about:

I think I can come but I won't commit myself till I know for sure.
commit sth to memory

to make certain that you remember something

commit sth to paper

to write something down:

Perhaps we should commit these ideas to paper before we forget them.

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commit verb (PROMISE)

us /kəˈmɪt/ [ I/T ] -tt- to promise to give yourself, your money, your time, etc., to support something:

[ I/T ] They wouldn’t commit (to giving) enough time or money to the project.

us /kəˈmɪt/ [ I/T ] -tt- If you do not commit yourself about something, you refuse to express an opinion about it:

[ T ] Neither candidate would commit himself on the issue of tax reform.

commit verb (PUT)

/kəˈmɪt/ [ T ] -tt- to actively put information in your memory or write it down:

These rules must be committed to memory.
I wouldn't want to commit these comments to paper.

commit verb (CRIME)

us /kəˈmɪt/ [ T ] -tt- to do something illegal or considered wrong:

He committed a crime in providing the information to a reporter.

commit verb (SEND FOR TREATMENT)

us /kəˈmɪt/ [ T ] -tt- fml to cause someone to stay in a mental hospital or treatment center:

He was once committed to a state mental hospital.

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uk /kəˈmɪt/ us -tt-

[ I or T ] to promise to do something or to promise that something will happen:

commit to sth The CEO declined to commit to a time frame for the decision.
commit to doing sth Families who sign up to the service have to commit to buying their groceries from one internet source for a year.
commit youself (to sth) Carefully check out arrangements before committing yourself.

[ T ] to decide or promise to use something for a particular purpose:

commit sth (to sth) Check who you are dealing with and the terms and conditions on the account before committing cash.
commit sth to do sth He has committed $5 million of his own money to get the project going.

[ T ] to do something illegal or that is considered wrong:

She is charged with conspiracy to commit fraud.

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