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uk /kəmˈpæt.ə.bəl/ us /kəmˈpæt̬.ə.bəl/

C1 able to exist, live together, or work successfully with something or someone else:

It was when we started living together that we found we just weren't compatible.
This software may not be compatible with older operating systems.
Such policies are not compatible with democratic government.
Are their two blood groups compatible (= can blood from one person be given to the other person)?

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noun [ U ] uk /kəmˌpæt.əˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /kəmˌpæt̬.əˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/
adverb uk /kəmˈpæt.ə.bli/ us /kəmˈpæt̬.ə.bli/

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us /kəmˈpæt̬·ə·bəl/

able to exist or work with something else, or (of a person) able to live or work with someone else:

The computer software isn’t compatible with your operating system.
Levine said he is lucky he and his roommate are compatible.

Compatible also means being suitable or right for each other:

Their blood types are not compatible, so we cannot use his blood.
noun [ C/U ] /kəmˌpæt̬·əˈbɪl·ɪ·t̬i/

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"compatible" in Business English

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uk /kəmˈpætɪbl/ us

IT if a computer or other piece of equipment is compatible with something else, it is able to work successfully with it:

This software may not be compatible with older operating systems.
We offer our customers the choice between original and compatible ink cartridges.

compatiblenoun [ C ]

uk /kəmˈpætɪbl/ us

IT a computer that is able to work with other computers or that can use the same computer programs:

In the 1980s, after IBM licensed the DOS operating system, companies started producing personal computers that were called IBM compatibles.

something that can be used with a piece of equipment from a particular manufacturer, instead of using an original item from the same manufacturer:

Should you use original toner cartridges or compatibles?

(Definition of “compatible” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)