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uk /ˌkɒm.pəˈtɪʃ.ən/ us /ˌkɑːm.pəˈtɪʃ.ən/

B2 [ U ] a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else:

Competition for jobs is intense.
There's a lot of competition between computer companies.
The two companies are in competition with each other.
[ + to infinitive ] There's fierce competition to get into that school.
Foreign competition (= similar products from other countries) had reduced their sales.
Why are you jealous of her? She's no competition!

A2 [ C ] an organized event in which people try to win a prize by being the best, fastest, etc.:

a swimming/chess competition
She's entered a crossword competition.
humorous You don't need to eat so quickly! It's not a competition.
the competition [ S ]

the person or people you are trying to be better than:

The competition on the track looked fierce and her heart sank.

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competitionnoun [ C/U ]

us /ˌkɑm·pəˈtɪʃ·ən/

an activity done by a number of people or organizations, each of which is trying to do better than all of the others:

[ U ] Competition for the job was fierce.
[ U ] Traditional booksellers face stiff competition from companies selling via the Internet.

The competition is the people or organizations you are trying to do better than:

[ U ] In this business, we always have to be aware of the competition.

Competition is also the activity of a sport in which each of the people or teams is trying to win, or a particular event at which this activity happens:

[ U ] Few of the players on the team were experienced in international competition.
[ C ] The figure-skating competition will be held in the main arena.

biology Competition is also a situation in which the various organisms living in the same area try to compete for a limited supply of food, water, space, etc.

noun [ C ] us /kəmˈpet̬·ɪ·t̬ər/

He’s a tough competitor and will probably do well in business.

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uk /ˌkɒmpəˈtɪʃən/ us

[ U ] ECONOMICS the situation in which people or businesses are trying to be more successful than each other, for example by making more sales in a market:

There has always been competition between the auto manufacturers.
stiff/fierce/strong/tough competition
Some healthy competition (= competition that is a good thing) makes everyone work harder.
The decision to sell cheap TVs put the supermarket in (direct) competition with the major suppliers of electrical goods.
growing/increasing competition US companies face increasing competition from Eastern markets.
Politicians argued that subsidies stifled free competition.
Traditional banks face competition from internet-based finance companies.
Critics say merging the two largest manufacturers could stifle competition (= prevent competition).
the competition

COMMERCE, MARKETING the people or businesses who are competing with a particular person or business in a particular market:

Longer hours should give the store an advantage over the competition.
keep/stay ahead of the competition The company had to make drastic changes if it was to stay ahead of the competition.

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