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compliancenoun [ U ]

us uk /kəmˈplaɪ.əns/

formal the act of obeying an order, rule, or request:

It is the job of the inspectors to enforce compliance with the regulations.
The company said that it had always acted in compliance with environmental laws.

mainly disapproving the state of being too willing to do what other people want you to do:

It's his compliance that amazes me.

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"compliance" in Business English

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compliancenoun [ U ]

uk /kəmˈplaɪəns/ us

LAW the fact of obeying a particular law or rule, or of acting according to an agreement:

compliance with sth He pointed to the building's lack of compliance with building standards for the disabled.
compliance costs/procedures/standards, etc. The law imposes significant compliance costs on US businesses and is a deterrent to price competition.
We've been working hard to remain in compliance with all air pollution control laws.

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I welcome what he said about different marks, but we need to give serious consideration to the cost of regulatory compliance.
I feel responsible, together with you, all of you, for what is happening in that country, because it is not enough just to call for compliance with international law.
In this context of promoting high-quality tourism, the report calls above all for a high common level of consumer protection and for more effective compliance with existing rules.
In any case, it has shown that it is possible to make progress without violence on the road to peace and compliance with international law.
There was total compliance.
Naturally, the problem it presents is basically one of monitoring compliance with the social rules of both the recipient country and the port.
Secondly, future payments to farmers will be based not only on historical actions, but also on the environment, method, on cross-compliance: one good turn deserves another.
The third issue is cross-compliance.
We must be specific about what compliance we are expecting of the tyrant within a timeframe that the inspectors consider reasonable.
The tighter fuel sulphur limits proposed in today's report are linked to the possible use of exhaust-gas cleaning technology or scrubbing, as an alternative means of compliance.