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compromisenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈkɒm.prə.maɪz/ us /ˈkɑːm.prə.maɪz/

B2 an agreement in an argument in which the people involved reduce their demands or change their opinion in order to agree:

It is hoped that a compromise will be reached in today's talks.
In a compromise between management and unions, a four percent pay rise was agreed in return for an increase in productivity.
The government has said that there will be no compromise with terrorists.

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uk /ˈkɒm.prə.maɪz/ us /ˈkɑːm.prə.maɪz/

compromise verb (AGREEMENT)

B2 [ I ] to accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order to reach an agreement with someone:

Party unity is threatened when members will not compromise.
Well, you want $400 and I say $300, so let's compromise at/on $350.

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compromisenoun [ C ]

us /ˈkɑm·prəˌmɑɪz/

compromise noun [ C ] (AGREEMENT)

an agreement between two sides who have different opinions, in which each side gives up something it had wanted:

Under the compromise, car manufacturers must use cleaner fuel but have more time to do it.


us /ˈkɑm·prəˌmɑɪz/

compromise verb (LOWER STANDARDS)

[ T ] to lower or weaken standards:

His opponents charged that the deal would compromise conservative principles.

compromise verb (AGREE)

[ I ] to agree to give up something you want if the other side, which has different opinions from yours, gives up something it wants:

Republicans were refusing to compromise on health-care legislation.

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uk /ˈkɒmprəmaɪz/ us

[ C or U ] a situation in which the people or groups involved in an argument reduce their demands in order to reach an agreement:

arrive at/come to/reach a compromise House and Senate staffers are working long hours to try to reach a compromise.
acceptable/good/reasonable compromise A deal will stick only if the vast majority of bondholders accept it as a reasonable compromise.
a compromise deal/proposal/solution Both sides in the talks are willing to seek a compromise solution.

[ C ] a solution to a problem that makes it possible for two or more opposite or different things to exist together:

compromise between sth and sth This piece of equipment is the ideal compromise between power and portability.


uk /ˈkɒmprəmaɪz/ us

[ I ] to reduce your demands in order to reach an agreement:

compromise (with sb) on sth They compromised with the HR department on the details of the appraisal system.

[ I or T ] to risk harming something:

compromise (on) sth 'I believe it can be done without compromising on safety or service,' he said.
His goal was to run a successful business without compromising his principles.

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The compromise is to allow existing pesticides to continue until the end of their licensing period, but it will be banned in new pesticides.
One compromise, however, is causing us problems, and that is the one concerning voluntary and non-remunerated donations of human tissues and cells.
Then we had the compromise on phosphates.
We have tried to seek a compromise.
My group supports the document before us and the compromise motions, having vigorously campaigned to get this loophole in democratic politics closed.
Your compromise amendment is somewhat bizarre.
On the other hand, we have voted against the compromise amendments that, in actual fact, would endorse the lifting of the moratorium.
On this point, the compromise is satisfactory.
There has also been a clear willingness to compromise and a shared desire on the part of the political groups to work quickly.
Also, the compromise proposal intended to ensure that at least 50% of rich countries' agricultural and food imports come from the poorest countries.