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consensusnoun [ S or U ]

uk /kənˈsen.səs/ us /kənˈsen.səs/

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consensusnoun [ C/U ]

us /kənˈsen·səs/

a generally accepted opinion; wide agreement:

They’re trying to build a consensus on the need to improve the city’s schools.

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consensusnoun [ S or U ]

uk /kənˈsensəs/ us

a generally accepted opinion among a group of people:

The consensus among City economists is that interest rates will be held at 1%.

agreement among a group of people:

consensus on/about sth Achieving an international consensus on these issues is proving difficult.
a general/broad/growing consensus There is a growing consensus about the best methods for reducing carbon emissions.
reach/build/agree a consensus Our top priority must be building a consensus with legislators.
The process of taking decisions by consensus can be fraught with difficulty.

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There can be no consensus here.
Our committee approved them by general consensus.
I believe there is a clear consensus on the important role to be played by risk capital as a driving force for economic growth and, consequently, for employment.
I hope that your deliberations will lead to a consensus that opens the way for a rapid implementation early in the new budgetary year.
Everyone involved agreed on this consensus.
In my opinion, it would be good if we could achieve consensus at the international level regarding certain basic principles of competition law.
A discussion has therefore arisen as to the question of whether that is now a consensus text or a text providing options.
In the last few days many groups have been kind enough to invite me to address their meetings and to engage in building this consensus.
The government and the opposition must finally realise that they have to meet each other half way and reach some sort of consensus.
My report is concerned exclusively with immigration on economic grounds and was adopted with six votes against, so that it achieved a fairly broad consensus.