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convergeverb [ I ]

uk /kənˈvɜːdʒ/ us /kənˈvɝːdʒ/

If lines, roads, or paths converge, they move towards the same point where they join or meet:

The paths all converge at the main gate of the park.
Due to roadworks, three lanes of traffic have to converge into two.

If ideas and opinions converge, they gradually become similar.

to come from other places to meet in a particular place:

Ambulances, police cars, and fire engines all converged on the scene.
100,000 people are expected to converge on the town for the festival.
noun [ C or U ] uk /kənˈvɜː.dʒəns/ us /kənˈvɝː.dʒəns/

a convergence of interests/opinions/ideas

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"converge" in American English

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convergeverb [ I ]

us /kənˈvɜrdʒ/

to move toward the same point and come closer together or meet:

Six fire trucks converged on the burning factory.
noun [ C/U ] us /kənˈvɜr·dʒəns/

[ C ] There’s a convergence of interests among the US, Canada, and Latin America.

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"converge" in Business English

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uk /kənˈvɜːdʒ/ us

[ I ] ECONOMICS if two or more economies converge, they become more similar to each other:

converge with sth The European economies have not yet converged with each other enough to make the euro a lasting success.

[ I or T ] ECONOMICS if prices, levels, or rates converge or are converged, they become or are made more similar to each other:

Price/earnings ratios of different industrial sectors have dramatically converged in recent years.
Increasing flexibility in transportation will have the effect of converging gas prices around the world.

[ I or T ] COMMERCE if two different types of product, industry, etc. converge or are converged, they join together or are joined together:

Fixed and mobile phone services are increasingly converging.
noun [ U ]

the convergence of digital and broadcast media

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