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cooperationnoun [ U ]

UK also co-operation uk /kəʊˌɒp.ərˈeɪ.ʃən/ us /koʊˌɑː.pəˈreɪ.ʃən/

B2 the act of working together with someone or doing what they ask you:

This documentary was made with the cooperation of the victims' families.
There's very little cooperation between the two countries.
The company produces computers in cooperation with a German firm.

More examples

  • Woodrow Wilson hoped the League of Nations would replace power politics with international cooperation.
  • The agreement would give a new solidity to military cooperation between the two countries.
  • We acted in a spirit of cooperation.
  • The conference was seen as an ideal vehicle for increased cooperation between the member states.
  • I need your cooperation to make this event a success.

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"cooperation" in Business English

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cooperationnoun [ U ]

UK also co-operation uk /kəʊˌɒpəˈreɪʃən/ us

the process of working with another company, organization, or country in order to achieve something:

cooperation with sb/sth Marketing networks have been enhanced through cooperation with Chinese enterprises.
cooperation between sb/sth (and sb/sth) Successful innovation requires cooperation between different departments.
closer/greater/increased cooperation We need to see closer cooperation between industry and government.
in cooperation with Starbucks, in cooperation with Conservation International, sourced its coffee direct from farmers in Mexico.

the fact of being willing to be helpful and to do what someone asks you to do:

They promised full cooperation with the tax authorities.

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