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uk /kəˈrekt/ us /kəˈrekt/

A2 in agreement with the true facts or with what is generally accepted:

a correct answer
"Is that the correct spelling?" "I don't know - look it up in a dictionary."
It's not correct to describe them as "students".
formal "Your name is Angela Black?" "That is correct."

B1 taking or showing great care to behave or speak in a way that is generally accepted and approved of:

He's very correct in his dress/speech/manner, isn't he?

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adverb uk /kəˈ us /kəˈ


Have I pronounced your name correctly?
noun [ U ] uk /kəˈrekt.nəs/ us /kəˈrekt.nəs/

He speaks with such correctness (= care) that it sometimes sounds very formal.

correctverb [ T ]

uk /kəˈrekt/ us /kəˈrekt/

B2 to show or tell someone that something is wrong and to make it right:

Students said it was helpful if the teacher corrected their pronunciation.
I have 30 homework assignments to correct.

If a medical treatment corrects a particular condition, it cures the condition or makes it easier to manage:

glasses to correct poor vision
a chair that corrects bad posture
correct me if I'm wrong but...

said as a polite and slightly formal way of disagreeing with someone:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we arranged the meeting for the 12 December.

(Definition of “correct” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"correct" in American English

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us /kəˈrekt/

in agreement with the true facts or with a generally accepted standard:

It’s your responsibility to see that your tax return is correct.
Do you have the correct time?
"Did you testify that you recognized this man?" "That’s correct."
adverb us /kəˈrekt·li/

Have I pronounced your name correctly?
noun [ U ] us /kəˈrekt·nəs/

correctverb [ T ]

us /kəˈrekt/

to show or fix what is wrong; make right:

He knew she was mistaken but made no effort to correct her.
It is the policy of this newspaper to correct errors of fact that appear in its news columns.
Doctors can now use laser surgery to correct certain eye problems.

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"correct" in Business English

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uk /kəˈrekt/ us

[ I or T ] if prices, values, etc. correct or correct themselves, they change and become more normal after a period of being too high, too low, etc.:

The market is positioned to correct and that is what's happening.
Experts believe this is merely a slowdown in the economy that will correct itself.

[ T ] to change an amount, a calculation, etc. in order to make it more accurate, by considering certain facts:

These figures have been corrected to allow for inflation
correct sth for sth The mid-year review did not correct the accounts for exchange-rate fluctuation.

(Definition of “correct” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)