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uk /kəˈrʌpt/ us /kəˈrʌpt/

corrupt adjective (BAD)

C1 dishonestly using your position or power to get an advantage, especially for money:

Both companies are under investigation for corrupt practices.
The whole system was corrupt - every official she approached wanted money before helping her.

morally bad:

a corrupt society

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corruptverb [ T ]

uk /kəˈrʌpt/ us /kəˈrʌpt/
adjective uk /kəˈrʌp.tə.bəl/ us /kəˈrʌp.tə.bəl/

Perhaps some systems of government are more corruptible than others.

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us /kəˈrʌpt/

dishonest and willing to use your position or power to your own advantage, esp. for money:

It’s been called the most politically corrupt city in the nation.

Corrupt also means bad:

Your philosophy is corrupt.
noun [ U ] us /kəˈrʌp·ʃən/

political corruption

corruptverb [ T ]

us /kəˈrʌpt/

to make someone dishonest and willing to use their position or power for personal advantage, esp. to get money:

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Don’t let your friends corrupt you (= have a bad moral influence on you).

If information in a computer is corrupted, it is damaged and can no longer be used.

(Definition of “corrupt” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"corrupt" in Business English

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uk /kəˈrʌpt/ us

using your position or power dishonestly or illegally for your own advantage, especially to make money:

a corrupt businessman/official/manager, etc. On the advice of a corrupt financial adviser, the accused understated their income by tens of thousands of dollars.

IT used to describe information on a computer that has been damaged or changed in some way and cannot be used:

corrupt data/files

corruptverb [ T ]

uk /kəˈrʌpt/ us

to influence someone into doing bad or dishonest things:

It is said that power can corrupt people.

IT to change or damage the information on a computer file so that it cannot be used:

Most of the data on the hard drive was corrupted.

(Definition of “corrupt” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)