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uk /kɔːt/ /kɔːrt/

court noun (LAW)

B2 [ C usually singular, U ] a place where trials and other legal cases happen, or the people present in such a place, especially the officials and those deciding if someone is guilty:

Protestors gathered outside the court to await the verdict.
He's due to appear in court again on Monday.
Please describe to the court exactly what you saw.
the European Court of Human Rights
The lack of evidence means that the case is unlikely to go to court.
take sb to court

to take legal action against someone:

She's threatening to take me to court for not paying the bill on time.
settle (a case) out of court

to solve a legal disagreement without taking legal action:

The newspaper has agreed to settle out of court.

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court noun (SPORT)

B1 [ C ] an area drawn out on the ground that is used for playing sports such as tennis and basketball:

They were penalized for having too many players on the court.

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court noun (OPEN AREA)

[ C ] mainly UK an area or a short road that is not covered by a roof and is mostly or completely surrounded by buildings:

You really should go and see the medieval court in the castle.
Court mainly UK

used in the names of some roads, and buildings containing apartments


uk /kɔːt/ /kɔːrt/

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us /kɔrt, koʊrt/

court noun (LAW)

[ C/U ] the place where trials and other legal cases happen:

[ U ] He is bringing charges against us and said, "I’ll see you in court."
[ U ] The newspaper agreed to settle the case out of court (= agreed to a deal that avoided a trial).

[ C/U ] The court is the judge or judges who are in charge of the way a legal case happens and sometimes make decisions about it.

court noun (SPORTS)

[ C ] a rectangular area used as the playing area in some sports:

a racquetball/tennis court

courtverb [ T ]

us /kɔrt, koʊrt/

court verb [ T ] (PLEASE)

to try to please someone in the hope of receiving that person's support, approval, or affection, or to try to get something that benefits you:

Both candidates had been courting independent voters, who are likely to decide the election.

court verb [ T ] (RISK)

to increase the risk of something bad happening:

If you hire people who are not very sharp or creative, you're courting disaster.

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uk /kɔːt/ us also law court, also court of law

[ C or U ] LAW a room or building in which trials and legal cases are decided, or the group of people, including, for example, a judge and other officials, who listen to and make decisions on legal cases:

Different courts are responsible for different types of cases.
Unless a solution can be reached, the case will go to court later this month.
The legality of electronic signatures is to be tested in court.
the court found/held The website was shut down after a US district court held that the copying of albums was a violation of copyright law.
court case/hearing/trial The court case is due to be heard next month.
take sb to court

LAW to take legal action against someone:

Unless they resolve the matter, I intend to take them to court.
settle (a case) out of court

LAW to end a legal disagreement without taking legal action:

The firm has agreed to settle out of court.

courtverb [ T ]

uk /kɔːt/ us

to try to attract people, especially in order get something from them, for example, attention or support:

At this stage of a presidential race, candidates spend nearly all their time courting voters in their own party.
Traditionally, the company has courted customers aged 50 or over.

FINANCE to formally discuss with another company the possibility of buying or getting control of it:

The company is courting two takeover targets as it prepares to grow its healthcare business.

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