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creepverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /kriːp/ us /kriːp/ crept, crept


uk /kriːp/ us /kriːp/ informal

creep noun (PERSON)

[ C ] UK someone who tries to make someone more important like them by being very polite and helpful in a way that is not sincere:

Making coffee for the boss again? You creep!

C2 [ C ] an unpleasant person, especially a man:

He was such a creep - he was always staring at me in the canteen.
[ as form of address ] Leave me alone, creep!

creep noun (GROWTH)

[ U ] the gradual growth or increase of something in a way that was not expected or wanted:

There is growing evidence that labour cost creep is becoming a problem.
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"creep" in American English

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creep verb [ I always + adv/prep ] (MOVE CAREFULLY)

past tense and past participle crept /krept/ to move quietly and carefully, usually in order to avoid being noticed:

I crept around the corner, hoping my brother wouldn’t see me.

creep verb [ I always + adv/prep ] (MOVE SLOWLY)

past tense and past participle crept to move very slowly:

We were creeping along in rush-hour traffic.

Phrasal verb(s)

creepnoun [ C ]

us /krip/ slang

creep noun [ C ] (PERSON)

a person you think is unpleasant and to be avoided:

That guy upstairs is such a creep.

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"creep" in Business English

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creepverb [ I ]

uk /kriːp/ us

to change very slowly, especially to increase:

Fuel prices dropped in April, but they are starting to creep higher now.

creepnoun [ U ]

uk /kriːp/ us

slow and gradual change, especially when something increases:

Gasoline price creep has been noticeable recently.
The economic crisis now has a new dimension: the steady creep of inflation.

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