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uk /krɪˈpʌs.kjə.lər/ us /krɪˈpʌs.kjə.lɚ/

literary relating to or like the time of day just before the sun goes down, when the light is not bright

specialized biology (of animals) active or appearing at the time of day just before the sun goes down, or just after the sun rises, when the light is not bright:

Deer are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active at dawn and at dusk.

Examples from literature

  • After days of this crepuscular existence he emerged to find the cathedral less disfigured than he had feared. 
  • His face, as far as I could see in the green-grey crepuscular atmosphere of the apartment, was expressionless. 
  • Outside the large single window the crepuscular light was dying out slowly in a great square gleam without colour, framed rigidly in the gathering shades of the room. 
  • There is indeed something infinitely charming in the crepuscular moments of the human mind. 
  • There is little need to dwell upon these crepuscular stirrings of popular Latin poetry in the earlier Middle Ages. 

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